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Glanz Ceramic

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  • Brand: Glanz
  • Product Code: GL_SHATTER16
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Our Glänz Shatter is the flagship DIY product in our entire lineup. It offers the most protection available on the market for a spray on, wipe-off application. It has the highest percentage of SiO2 (Ceramic) on the market. The Glänz Shatter product is the product you would use to maintain your ceramic coated vehicle to keep those hydrophobic characteristics. Imagine a DIY glass-like finish without the high price of a professional grade coating!


  • Designed for PPF, Vinyl wraps, painted surfaces, headlights, glass
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Produces high-gloss, long lasting protection
  • Slick, Hydrophobic properties
  • Adds 9+ months of protection
NOTE: If applying to matte or satin finishes, please test before applying.

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